Big Bazaar

Parent's Day
What We Did

This probing film reveals how technology has seeped in undetected into our homes and threatens the very existence of our social bonds. Our first unforgettable experiences— good, bad, and sometimes side-splittingly hilarious, are those we’ve shared with our parents. There was a time when the landline united the family who shared moments of anxiety to get on a long-distance call with a dear one away from home. But, the advent of the mobile phone has undone all that and has only divided the family.

The rousing conclusion to this film inspires us to restore our connection with the real world. This Parents’ Day… reconnect with your long-lost best friends.


Director : Sizil Srivastava
DOP : Shikhar Bhatnagar
Music Director : Raghav & Arjun
Executive Producer : Shivi Arora