What We Did

Everyone prays for a revolutionary… to take birth in the neighbour’s home.

This moving film uncovers how Deadly Dengue has no cure and has plagued society for a considerable stretch now. The only solution is a good ol’ Samaritan willing to share healthy blood platelets… a renewable and easily available resource. Yet, how often have we heard these excuses made without a second thought? Watch the heartrending climax that captures the utter helplessness of a near one of a dengue victim.

We conceived this film to stimulate society to stop passing the buck and be the change. We’re super proud that this film was featured on the Most Viewed YouTube list on Campaign India! Let’s pledge together to get over trivial excuses and to chip in for a noble cause.

Bahaane dena aasan hai… platelets dena aur bhi asaan.

Do check it out!


Director : Sizil Srivastava
DOP : Shikhar Bhatnagar
Music Director : Naozad Patel
Executive Producer : Shivi Arora