What We Did

Technology has altered human bonds like never before. These touching stories capture how the planet has transformed more in the last 50 years than it has in its 4 billion year history, yet the hopes & dreams that define humanity remain unchanged.

A father’s firm resolve to re-invent himself for the betterment of his child’s future prospects… a single mother walking the tight rope between the needs of her young one and a profession of her dreams… an old couple well past their heyday wanting to turn back the clock… stories all too familiar to us. Through these stories we covered the lives of seemingly unremarkable people… distinguished by an iron will to pursue their dreams and wish for more.

Will the Siemens Rapid Metro Gurgaon help these hopes and dreams soar to their highest pinnacle?

Director : Keyur Shah
DOP : Shikhar Bhatnagar
Music Director : Raghav & Arjun
Executive Producer : Shivi Arora