Uber- Lower The Window

Ubr- Lower The Window
What We Did

There’s nothing quite like cricket that takes every corner of this vast and varied nation with a storm. We had our hands full handling the sheer scale and craziness of this shoot. But then, we suppose, that’s what you get when you throw in two darlings of the masses going head on in a game of cricket across the nation. The sprightly music and dynamic visuals witness John and his big, burly, badass TERRANO going one-on-one with Sushant and his smart, savvy, nimble MICRA. So exciting to chronicle the playful banter and one-upmanship between these two stars.

And, as if this wasn’t enough, try this for the breath-taking finale—The sleek, shapely, swashbuckling NISSAN GT-R scorching the tarmac at the Red Fort, making its dashing entry into India. All this unveiled live on an appropriately grand canvas—the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, England & Wales. In the end, Cricket conquers all.


Director : Rahul Ved Prakash
DOP : Sujay Pawar
Music : Prateek Nandan
Executive Producer : Shivi Arora